When QRT?

Many have been asking when FT5ZM will QRT.

Today, Team Leader K0IR, via Chief Pilot NV9L, informs:

We will start taking down Antonelli on the morning of the 12th (our time). Mataf will function some during the 12th, but we will be QRT sometime on the 12th (our time).

27 thoughts on “When QRT?

  1. sorry, my email address is:

  2. Hi,

    I have already fulfilled my QSO expectations with FT5ZM, so I’m a very happy OM.
    The very good CW ops let me worked them with weak signals even if their antennas were turned to Europe or NA. However one QSO on 40m and one 20m would be icing on the cake. Hope I will have time for it in the coming days.

    Yan – XV4Y.

  3. If only you guys can elmer someone there to be a resident operator, it will be the ultimate achievement. I think some of you there are VEC and can conduct an FCC amateur exam and with that license he/she can obtain a French equivalent license to operate amateur radio in absence of a DXpedition…. :)

  4. Great expedition so far. Critical first contact is in the log. Great signals but of course the pileups have been some of the biggest I’ve heard. Last 2 or 3 days seems operations have been aimed at JA and EU. Haven’t even heard them. Hoping for a RTTY QSO too.

  5. Ken Opskar ;your comment is a very good one!! A most unselfish way to look at this operation as I’m certain there will be a few who because of antenna restrictions etc.would then have a chance TO GET JUST ONE CONTACT!!! Gud Luk, Vy 73, Greg-W2MYA

  6. Hy guys, worked you today on 15m with 80w and a GAP EAGLE DX !
    Congratulations to the fine op in cw having good ears ;)
    Best 73’s
    Dimitri – F5SWB
    / Also TL8DF/9X5DF/TT8DF/TR8DF/6W1SA/TU5DF

  7. Superb operation by excellent , patient operators.They even managed to pull me thru on some bands when I was using a 60 metre horizontal wire loop at only 1.5 to 2 metres above (very wet) ground. Enjoyable operation which gave me 6 bands incl. two on SSB. 73 to All the team – Mike, G4DYC

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