The FT5ZM team continues to remain focused on making as many contacts on as many bands as possible. Stations are on the air from both locations. Antenna erection at Mataf, the lower site is complete, but antenna work continues at Antonelli, the upper site. Erecting antennas at Antonelli is very difficult and taking much more time than anticipated due to the challenging terrain and high foliage. The hike from Mataf to Antonelli is an exhausting uphill climb, and takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The team is tired and in good spirits!

To date there has been no internet connectivity. The primary focus of the entire team is on completing the antenna work and making as many contacts as possible. Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog as soon as possible. We will announce when the first upload to ClubLog is complete. Thank you for your patience.

28 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT use ClubLog. The big guns use that site to play their own contests and track who logged first and on which bands. So they pound the DXpedition stations and tromp all over the common Hams.

    Just upload when you get back home. We can all wait

    • Dear Rob,
      you are right ! I am also a little Club log contester ,not a big gun ! After your words tnx,never more !
      You’re dead right !!!!

    • It doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoy being the top gun on all bands and modes, Whether it is uploaded now or later, doesn’t matter, the goal is still to be first and get them in the log as many times as possible.

    • One simple additional rule in the DX code of conduct would do:
      – Only 1 qso on each band will be logged and confirmed (except for contests).


  2. Rob (callsign?), they should – and they will – have some sort of Online Log. If not, I would have to make two QSOs again that I am only 80% sure about, because both were jammed by intentional QRMers. The next expedition to FT/Z will probably not happen during the next ten, fifteen years, therefore, I want to make absolutely sure that I am in the log this time. My insurance QSOs would likely be dupes, thus taking away the chances for smaller stations to get their shot at FT/Z. This is why an online log makes sense, especially with all the intentional QRM.

    What they shouldn’t turn on is the Leaderboard feature.

    73! Uli, DM5EE

  3. You guys already have made my day (several times)! Thank you for several contacts and for excellent operating skills.

    I will be back to my countryside location within a few days and try to get you on low bands as well.

    73 de RM2D (SM6LRR), Mats

  4. Thanks for 2 new bands 40/80. My Goal will be to work you on top band, but no aktivity there now.
    Hope you can errect the antenna soon !
    So many callers call several times one band. Pse upload asap your log !

    73 de Ralf / DL3JJ

  5. I sympathize with Rob, but agree totally with DM5EE. As long as the Leaderboard is not turned on, the playing field remains fairly level. In my early years of ham radio – the 1960s – “online” anything did not exist, and it was hit and miss as far as QSL cards were concerned. I am personally thankful for the availability of online logs through Club Log. Just keep the Leaderboard turned off.

  6. Awesome sigs, although still too big pile for small pistols.
    Anyway my VOTE for leaving Leaderboard O F F .
    Clublog itself it’s FB tool, letting smaller stations not waste their time
    for dupes and trying to hear unjammed/sure reply.
    IMO Leaderboard it’s only selfish “Ego” promotion for some.

  7. I agree with Bob. No need to turn on the LeaderBoard, but at least to get insurance for some difficult QSOs would be great. By the way, We all know than Internet is available on Amsterdam Island provided by the TAAF. So what the point ?

    It would be nice to start RTTY operation as soon as possible. At least one permanent stations would help everyone to get a chance to work this rare entity on this mode.

  8. The suggestion to use club log is good. For me that means I don’t have to try for dupes to insure I have a good qso. Yes turn off the leaderboards. Those using high power and running stacked arrays don’t need to make this into a contest. Its difficult enough from NA as propagation times are rather short. Constant qrm from tuner uppers on the dx frequency don’t help either. Please call by areas or by number but remember to change numbers every few minutes. Some can’t wait an hour for their number to be called as propagation changes rapidly. Stay safe

  9. Thanx for a FB operation. The on-line log will be nice when it gets there, but we understand the difficulties with the net link.
    Kudos to the team for taking the time to call “NA”. My antipode is about 600 miles from Amsterdam Island. I can spin the beam with hardly a drop in strength!~!~! Targeting certain areas, at certain times, is courteous as well as good business. Its called PROPAGATION windows. Thanx so much.
    However, it was discouraging to hear several of the Neanderthal Euros… on day 2 of the operations… dropping dead carriers and intentional keying onto the signals, as they called NA and SA. The crying and moaning on the Spotter list, was not distructive, but was still pretty bad form. I don’t remember hearing US stations doing the same to our Euro bretheren when Peter I (etc.) was on the air. Grow up people.
    Just a thought…

  10. I’m living in an appartment and I think I’ve worked you on a few bands,but really need the comfermation on Club Log to be sure,I’m getting old and might not get the chance again

  11. Many thanks for such a great operation. FB operators, and yet with the police and qrm’ers create a big problem for us, you guys continue to rack up contacts!! Way to go. Thank you for three new bands, and hope one on RTTY before the close. Be safe, TU and stay safe.


  12. Thank you for using Club Log. I have a very small station, 100 w and an OCF dipole and a 30 mtr ex zepp dipole. I work VERY hard for the DX QSO’s, sending my call THOUSANDS of times, hour after hour, and when I hear that magic of “W7TDZ 5NN” only to have some bozo start calling them on their frequency, or a jammer, and NOT knowing for SURE if I was received, is agonizing. That relief of seeing your call (and sometimes NOT) is a blessing. Wonderful job, despite the insanity, which I am ashamed of.

  13. I think an online log is a good thing, I know I worked them on 20m CW/SSB, so I don;t have to keep trying to work them, less QRM, if I decide I want more bands I’ll try, but I’m happy with my two qso’s now that I know I’m in the log…

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