The Team

Bob Schenck

Tuckerton, NJ, USA

Andy Chesnokov

Moscow, Russia

Nodir Tursun-Zade

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Michel Brunelle

Martinique Island

Jorge Prieto

Barranquilla, Colombia

Ralph Fedor

St. Cloud, MN, USA

Bob Allphin

Marietta, GA, USA

Craig Thompson

Trivoli, IL, USA

Erling J. Wiig

Oslo, Norway

Jay Slough

Lebanon, Ohio, USA

Arnold Shatz

Santa Ana, CA, USA

Neil King

Vancouver, Canada

Stephen Wright

Surrey, BC, Canada

Jerry Rosalius

Crescent City, IL, USA

Pilot stations

FT5ZM – Amsterdam Island DXpedition
Pilot Station Plan

Our basic pilot station program is now in place. Our chief pilot and North American pilot will be Val – NV9L. She is an avid DX’er and contester and has been involved with
the organization and logistics of FT5ZM. Val served as the Swains Island pilot and will head the pilot team for Wake Island. 

We welcome Hal – JR4OZR as our Japan / Asia pilot. Hal’s previous call was JF1PJK. He has been an active DX’er from Japan for many years and has operated from multiple
DX locations around the world, including E22SDX, A52DX, HR3/JF1PJK, 9M4SDX, and GJ6UW. 

Our European pilot is Col – MM0NDX. This will be Col’s 15th role as a pilot station, having served as a pilot on many high profile DXpeditons such as YI1PSE, K4M, NH8S, HK0NA, and many more. He will also be a pilot on the upcoming Wake Island DXpedition. Col is a member of many clubs and organizations, has received the GMDX Group Award of Excellence and is an honorary Life Member of the DXARC Club. 

Oceania will be piloted by Stan – KH6CG. Stan is an avid DX’er and a charter member of Pacific DX’ers. He has served as a pilot station on numerous previous DXpeditions
and will be a pilot on the upcoming Wake Island, Banaba, and Juan Fernandez DXpeditons. Stan is also a QSL manager and a PGTA Golf instructor.

Lee, ZL2AL, will watch over Australia and New Zealand for us. Many of you know Lee from his contesting, previous DXpeditions, and past service as a pilot.   


Please DO NOT contact the Pilot Station about a busted call or if your call is missing from the online log.

Keep a record of your QSO details and contact the QSL manager after the DXpedition. Alternately, work FT5ZM again.


But, what about South America and Africa?

We have not forgotten these DX’ers! Because these are large geographic areas with a less dense amateur population and few concentrations of activity, the pilot system does
not work well for these continents. Rather our team will take it upon itself to be aware of band openings to these areas and we will welcome input into our pilot system from these amateurs.

Off-island Team members

N7XG Dean

Dean Davis: QSL Software Development

W6IZT Gregg

Gregg Marco: Network and Interfacing

Bob Schenck

QSL Manager
and the SJDXA QSL team

Stanisław Strzyzewski

Lesko, Poland

PR & media advisory
FT5Z Logos & QSL designs
Web design + maintenance

Richard and Charlie Martin

Richard and Charlie Martin of Brickworks Atlanta have provided secure storage for FT5ZM's equipment. Charlie is shown with some of the gear.

Stu Phillips, K6TU

Woodside, CA
Propagation Support

George Nicholson

Logistics and shipping

Of Council



36 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Hi to all the team,

    Working Amsterdam Island would be a huge souvenir of 31 years old. I wonder if you plan to set one station in Ribaud Hut.

    I hope to see you soon on the air from an other Island (Batz Island EU-105).

    Michel (ex FB8ZP, 34th mission on Amsterdam Island 1983)

    • Hi Michel —

      Great to hear from you. We’ve been given two sites for our stations. Metaf near the base and Antonelli about 2.5 KM south of the base, further up the hill.

      Please feel free to talk with me via the address.

      73 –
      Ralph – K0IR

  2. My best wishes to the team…with that elite team of operators, your dxpedition have to be a success. ..
    Team member-k5d-desecheo island dxpedition 2009

  3. Never got a card for my FB8ZQ in March 1983…logs lost in a flood. Have my fingers crossed for FT5ZM in January 2014. Hope my 100 watts and vertical will make the trip. Thanks for your determination to bring a new one to so many. Pat, K4AVO

  4. Amsterdam Island in CW, finally ! Looking forward to work this DXpedition and to add it to my CW-DXCC. Good luck to the entire team.

  5. This is a fantastic group of friends and great operators. I wish you all the best of luck and am going with you all in spirit and wish I could really be with you all.
    73 – Gary K9SG

  6. What A Team!!! I have faith that you guys can make it happen, especially on Top Band where the “Bird Feeder” will be loaded and ready. Safe Trip everyone. Waiting for the Big Thrill. Thanks for your sacrifices. 73 Val

    • Well, only a month after my Post and you guys have been active for less than 10 days. I have managed to work you great Ops with a simple wire..No tower..and that wire is about 30′ high. This shows what good operators you are. The preparation and thinking process helped of course. Thank you for a most successful Dxpedition. You have shared time with EU and NA and Japan. We appreciate your planning and execution. 73…Safe Journey home to loved ones. We Love You for your sacrifices for our pleasures and the common good of the Amateur Radio hobby we all patronize. Warm regards,,,,,Val, N4RJ

  7. Great team you have assembled there, Congrats!. Wishing you all a safe passage to and fro, good weather, good DX conditions and enjoy the journey! This is an ATNO for me as well. Best 73s!

  8. Great souvenir’s for me , and I wish you great time on “Ams” island.
    Good trip and good landing. Sometimes it’s easy!
    Attention to seals!
    and good radio operation
    Eric F5SIH (FT5ZH 1998)

  9. It is very frustrating, if you hear them, but several stations are jamming on their transmit frequency. Now someone play a recording of Nino IT9RYH, but it is not him. I wonder now, who is more crazy. Several stations in EU. What is going on in their mind, are these HAMs?
    I am running just a vertical antenna and limited power, due to some restrictions, so I try to use every minute which I can hear them and that is just a few hours per week, but now it is impossible to listening carefully. It is seriously destroying my fun into this hobby.

  10. Great operation! Sorry for all the QRM’ers on the 40M SSB operation today! I have been on DX’Peditions myself and have been QRM’ ed myself! I know the hard work you do and the rough conditions there.

    We wish you the best! and many Q’s!
    Glenn Belkin KD2JA

  11. Dear Oms
    I listen you every day on 21MHZ and 28MHZ with my little station…I hope to get One Contact ..but I understand that it’s not easy for you trough the pile up!
    Anyhow i hope…All the best to each member will a dream to get only a contact…it’s not usual..All the best Bernard F6BCC

  12. TNX for the nice QSO with FT5ZM and that you lisen me well in the Pile up.QSL via N2OO is ok… Amsterdam Island DX Pedition 2014 on freq.14.188 at splitt 20Up

    to 14.208 was very good bis Nino From Italy send on your freq…. That was not so fine… TNX for all and have fun with your Hobby as well…. 55 73 Willi DL3WB

    3.2.2014 15:27 UTC Bey Bey and good DX ing….in the Piles up… from West Germany DOK L 04

  13. Any advice on how to work them on 20 with the crazy jammers and operators who keep on calling even when they reply to a call.

    Seems some people have the same call.

    It is really terrible with the discipline of many, really terrible.

    Signals are great here, even when receiving here on a vertical, but in this way, it nearly impossible to make the contact.

  14. Good signals on all openings bandwidth, congratulations to the whole team for the excellent performance even in the most low frequencies, honestly you could not ask for more at this time so skinny, thank you for this nice event.

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