Our premier sponsor, The Northern California DX Foundation, has contributed $50,000 to the Amsterdam Island DXpedition project. Several of the NCDXF sponsored DXpeditions we’ve been a part of are shown above. They represent only a small fraction of the support the NCDXF has given the DX community. Thank you, NCDXF!

Our other sponsors are listed below. Please thank all our sponsors for their support.

    ELECRAFT - Hands-On Ham Radio™

    DX Engineering


    DX Supply - only the best ham gear in Scandinavia

    Force 12 - Amateur and Commercial Antennas

    Cycle 24

    OM Power

    Array Solutions


    4O3A High Power Band Pass Filters & Triplexer

    RA6LBS - Antenna Tuning Units

    Arlan Communications

    Coca Cola USA


    *The NCDXF contribution of $50,000 was not included so as to not skew the comparisons.

    Contributors $50,000 and above:



    Contributors $10,000 and above:


    INDEXA – The first to offer their very generous support to the FT5ZM project.
    Thank you for your confidence in us.

    Contributors $5,000 and above:


    The Colvin Award

    Japan Support Fund

    German DX Foundation

    Contributors $2,000 and above:


    Lone Star DX Association

    DX News

    Southeastern DX Club

    Contributors $1,000 and above:

    easterniowa_logo Eastern Iowa DX association

    DX Lovers Foundation

    Clipperton DX Club

    CDXC, The UK DX Foundation

    Mediterraneo DX Club

    West Virginia DX Association

    SouthWest Ohio DX Association

    The Northern California DX Club

    Dayton Amateur Radio Association

    Norwegian Radio Relay League

    ORCA DX and Contest Club

    Southern California DX Club

    North Jersey DX Association

    Top Band DX CLub

    Carolina DX Association

    GMDX – Scotland’s DX Association

    Radio Society of Great Britain

    Great Southern DX Association

    Contributors $500 and above:

    North Corridor Radio Goup of Western Australia North Corridor Radio Goup of Western Australia
    National Capitol DX Association National Capitol DX Association
    Dannish DX Group Danish DX Group
    SEDCO_logo SEDCO

    Utah DX Association

    Mississippi Valley DX / Contest Club

    Tokyo 610 DX Group

    Kiwi DX Group

    Northern Illinois DX Association

    OH DX Foundation

    Magnolia DX Association

    Northern Ohio DX Association

    Grupo DXXE

    Western Washington DX Club

    Swiss DX Foundation

    European DX Foundation

    Arkansas DX Association

    Greater Milwaukee DX Association

    The most travelled watch in the world
    oklahomadxa_logo Oklahoma DX Association
    Araucaria DX Group

    Contributors $250 and above:

    Delta DX Association Delta DX Association

    DX University

    The Willamette Valley DX Club

    Southern Arizona DX Association

    West TN DX Association

    Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society

    Fort Wayne DX Association

    Birmingham DX Club

    Kansas City DX Club

    Ehime DX Group

    Tennessee Valley DX Association

    Old Barney ARC

    Mile-Hi DX Association

    Albuquerque DX Association

    599 DX Association

    Begali – Fine Morse Keys!

    Far East DX-Ploiters

    North Fulton Amateur Radio League

    Contributors $100 and above:

    lidxa_logo Long Island DX Association
    easttenn_logo East Tennessee DX Association

    Central California DX Club

    Madison DX Club

    The North Alabama DX Club

    South Florida DX Association

    Western New York DX Association

    SouthEast Michigan DX Association

    Northeast Wisconsin DXA Association

    Mulan DX Club

    Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League

    Akita DX Association

    Heartland DX Association

    St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club

    Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club

    DX Hogs

    Swan Island DX Association

    The North Shore Amateur Radio Club

    Missouri DX/Contest Club

    Kankakee Area Radio Society

    JA0 DX Gang

    Dominion DX Group

    St. Paul Radio Club

    The Garden State Amateur Radio Association

    Brandon Amateur Radio Club Inc.

    Eastern Washington DX Club

    Passau DX Club

    Motorola Amateur Radio Club

    Liga de Radioaficionados de Bogotá

    Regina Amateur Radio Association

    Yukon Amateur Radio Association

    South Florida DX Association

    SDXG South German DX Group

    Other contributions:


    The Rochester DX Association

    Cape May County Amateur Radio Club

    Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association

    Birmingham Amateur Radio Club

    Virginia DX Century Club

    Metro DX Club

    TCSWAT TUrkey

    Holiday City Amateur Radio Club


    Runestone Radio Club, Inc. of Alexandria, MN

    Idaho DX Association


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    If your donation came through successfully but there is no callsign mentioned within 7 days it means you probably forgot to provide your Callsign and we can’t identify your donation. Please email us your:

    • Name and Callsign
    • Date of your transaction
    • PayPal transaction ID (ie. 7YN85207V59828649)
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    Once verified successfully, we will update the list with your callsign.


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