RTTY operations

Earlier today, Ralph K0IR, started RTTY activities. This was not a pirate.

The team will continue with this mode until the end of operations.

28 thoughts on “RTTY operations

  1. can we have some more focus on OC please on 10/12m … you QRT’d on 10m with VK’s calling and VK ZL calling for hours on 12m today .. with you at S9 calling CQ and no takers ! 6000 EU QSO’s on 12m and just 150 OC .. still looking for you on 10/12m .. you have done a great job on the low bands even with the QRM .. nice job team! 73 Simon ZL4PLM

  2. Working RTTY now ?
    Most of VK and ZL DO NOT have a 10 m SSB contact.
    12 Hours a day working EU on 10 Metres and they cannot turn the antenna to VK for 30 mins ?
    In the past 5 days, 10-12 hours a day for 5 days to EU on 10 m.
    No wonder the clublog stats show over 8500 contacts to EU on 10 m and 78 ( yes 78 ) to the whole of Oceania.
    Where are the pilots ? must have been kamikaze Pilots coz I aint seen them do anything for us !!!

  3. Will follow with great interest & try to work you when propagation/condx & my backyard aerials allow !


    George G4TPV, BRISTOL UK

  4. Was lucky on 10m phone so far. Great operators !
    What a pity many jammers from EU but also Stateside, please let us have fun on the radio.

    Alex DC5GA

  5. Why ocupated all segment on bands in split on rtty????? only provocated qrm!!
    Think that no better solution for gestion pile up…

    Mitxel EA7KP

  6. Sorry to see only RTTY on 15M now. There are many in NA who still need QSO on 15M and who don’t use RTTY. Hope to see more 15M CW for NA before you QRT!

  7. I’m surprised that VK and ZL aren’t a piece of cake? Is it the magnetic fields are something? I don’t think you’re too close?

    RTTY is massive. Still need a QSO there. Soon – let it die down – tried for over an hour with a good signal. Too much heat generation.. hi hi.

    Excellent Job! Call OC more.. hi hi Better yet – give me a direct line and I’ll call when I’m ready.


  8. Great job! You have heard me from SP5 in SSB (on 12m). The point is: I was working _QRP_ – about 5W of power into a simple sloper wire antenna. You have AWESOME antennas/RXes and really outstanding ops as well. Will try on other bands, maybe in RTTY too. I wish you would use BPSK…

  9. Hope to work the team on RTTY in these last few remaining days. 20 meters seems the best band up in Pacific Northwest USA…Thanks

    • I totally agree with Al. It seems that the team was more interested in giving RTTY-slots to FEW rather than a BRAND NEW ONE in this mode to MANY. Hopefully there will be more and better activity next time…DXing has gone strange ways lately…

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