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Please DO NOT contact the Pilot Station about a busted call or if your call is missing from the online log.

Keep a record of your QSO details and contact the QSL manager after the DXpedition. Alternately, work FT5ZM again.

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  1. Thank you guys, you are doing a great job. One suggestion… can you please tell us, if the logs you uploaded are complete, or there could be later “additions” or “corrections”. The reason I’m asking… I thought I worked Ft5ZM three times on 160. The last one (yesterday) the signal was loud and clear, and I was 100 percent positive that the operator sent my call back OK and confirmed the QSO. Still… no 160 meter QSO on ClubLog. If you tell me (and others) that all the logs were combined and uploaded properly, I’ll just keep calling. But if some Qs were left out of some uploads, I’d rather wait and make others less QRM.

    Once again, thanks for the great DXPedition.

    • All is clear now! Some logs don’t get to the combined upload file in time… so if someone can’t find his QSO even if it was made BEFORE the “Last QSO in database”, no reason to worry… if it was a good one, it should appear in the next upload. That happened once with my 20 meter QSO, so I made a dupe next day (sorry, guys), and my 160 meter QSO appeared after the next upload. So, everything is in order.

      Congrats for the 100K Qs… Keep it up!

    • I agree with Gene´s wishes. A marvelous expedition but I am also missing a 160 M QSO and I was missing a 80 m QSo so I worked them again on 80 m. 160 M is feasible but struggling with all LIDS is a pain in the neck.
      Overall impressions are just magnificant!!! Whata memory for life!!!

  2. Update 06 February 2014 – 12:54 (utc?)

    My QSO 05-February-2014 , 12:31 UTC, 21 MHz, RTTY, is MISSING …

    Very difficult to work them again hi! I last almost 2 hours to find them on its very wide split.
    Let’s hope that next update will ressurrect my QSO!

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