FT5ZM under budget!

The budget for this entire project is about $450,000. Vessel charter, Operator travel costs, Equipment. Logistics and Housing/Per diem imposed by TAAF make up the costs. The largest cost by far, it the cost of chartering the M/V Braveheart for 40 days and re-positioning the vessel to/from New Zealand.

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The trip requires a large financial commitment from each team member. The minimum team member contribution is $10,000. Travel to and from Fremantle, Australia will cost each team member another $3,000- $3,500. In addition there are six weeks away from home and family, a very long boat ride, and the physical and financial risks inherent to a DXpedition of this magnitude. I believe you will agree that the DXpedition team members are doing their part to make this successful. We have heartened by an extremely generous grant from INDEXA. Within hours of receiving the group’s request for funds, INDEXA offered their support. Then, NCDXF followed-up with one of the largest grants they’ve awarded. Dozens of clubs and hundreds of individual DXers worldwide have made contributions up-front when they are most needed. We are deeply indebted to them and appreciate their confidence. However, we are still short , if you have already made a contribution…THANKS, if not please consider doing so.

DXpedition leader Ralph Fedor, KØIR, states:

“We simply cannot do this without help from the DX community. We need to raise about a quarter of a million dollars overall. And, it has to be international financial support – we need our DX friends from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania to help us on this one. This is truly an International effort.”

5 thoughts on “FT5ZM under budget!

  1. I will send a small donation today and one once I work you for the QSL card. Times are tough these days. Good luck raising the money. Hope this doesn’t mean the DXpedition is in jeopardy.

  2. As promised just sent $25 for the donation. I also sent an email to the San Diego DX Club members to let them know you DXpedition guys and gals are under budget. Maybe this will spur some additional donations. If I work you I will also donate more via OQRS. Good luck & 73, Keith AK6ZZ

  3. Good Luck

    Impressive !

    Just sent small donation, but many small amounts will do the trick. I use the the The Northern California DX Foundation beacon network regularly and thought a small donation to support the huge donation from them is fair! Success !

    73 PE1FJN

  4. I have donated $100 up front and will donate more if and when I make an ATNO QSO. I also designed, built and put up a 4 element 17M yagi on an 18′ 2 inch boom. I hope others will seriously consider donating and being generous.

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