FT5ZM - the interview

As the FT5ZM Team is departing from Perth, Australia for Amsterdam Island, thanks to Onno VK6FLAB we are pleased to publish a series of interviews with the team. They team spoke with Onno on their arrival in Perth before embarking on their 9 day ocean voyage to activate FT5ZM on Amsterdam Island. Interviews were conducted on the 11th and 12th of January 2014 in Perth, Western Australia (VK6).


Ralph Fedor, K0IR [04:53]

Team Leader of DXpedition to Amsterdam Island. How do you herd cats to make an expedition work? Memories of expeditions to the Island of Peter the First.

Bob Allphin, K4UEE [08:30]

This is a half a million dollar project, how does one finance such a large project? The CFO perspective. How do you get from the idea to the actual journey? Where does the funding come from? How did you get started? Memories of a contact on 160m, working Burma, into India and others.

Bob Shenck, N2OO [07:57]

Overview of Amsterdam Island as one of the top DXCC most wanted. Not activated for 15 years. 1979 – Spratley Islands, first DXpedition. Memories of contacts with Amsterdam Island, with Tristan da Cunha Island, Andaman Islands.

Jorge Prieto, HK1R [03:55]

Very excited to be on this adventure of a lifetime DXpedition, his second one. Looking for QRP stations from home in Colombia. What do you recommend to make contacts on Morse, how do you get started? Everybody is going to be on Kitchen Patrol. What’s the traditional Colombian dish you’re going to share?

Jay Slough, K4ZLE [07:17]

What’s required to make FT5ZM happen? It’s been a two year project. What’s the work – environment like? Is everyone a computer expert? Memories of a 20m CW contact with an 80-year old who developed radar in WWII. A re-enactment of the US Civil War, speaking with an artillery-man.

Arnie Shatz, N6HC [04:15]

What’s the thrill of being in a DXpedition? What makes you keep coming back? What’s the most gratifying part of DXpeditioneering? What was your most memorable contact?

Andy Chesnokov, UA3AB [04:48]

The weather in Amsterdam Island, from 8C in Moscow to 44C in Perth, through to 10C in Amsterdam Island. 100,000 contacts in log. Now I can give new countries to other people.

Neil King, VA7DX [06:03]

What do you expect to get out of this DXpedition? What is it that makes you keep coming back? How can you help yourself get the contact? How do you work split?

Steve Wright, VE7CT [06:05]

What is the shack on Amsterdam Island going to look like? What about sleeping arrangements? Any rivalry between Canada and the USA? What about your memorable contacts?

Jerry Rosalius, WB9Z [04:36]

What are you looking forward the most? What was your most vivid recollection for your first DXpedition in 1999? Can you give us a fly-over view of what antennas you’re going to be erecting?

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