With almost 165,000 QSOs, FT5ZM is now QRT.

They went QRT a little earlier than expected to try and beat out a storm. The seas are already very rough and the storm isn’t due to arrive until this weekend. There were unable to finish loading the Braveheart and have to wait until morning to try again; 0100z.

Team is aware that not all logs (especially 80 & 160) have not been uploaded to Club log. The logs are safe on the laptop. They will upload as soon as they can.

49 thoughts on “FT5ZM - QRT

  1. Great show!! – got 4 slots on 3 bands – bad antenna and my operating time slots restricted more contacts. Thanks for the great ops.

  2. Congratulations on a well run operation,great job guys.Still watching for the 09-Feb-2014 top band log update. many concerned about the qso’s nont in the log.
    Safe trip back home.


  3. I have been an avid DXer since 1953. The performance of the team beats all I have worked since then.
    Fantastic job and God bless you all.

    Dave, HB9KT

  4. Beautiful job guys, you pulled off one of the finest DXPedetions of all time. I thank you for the ATNO! I donated earlier and will add extra during the OQRS.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.
    Gary, KA1J

  5. What you guys did was truly amazing! Over 160K contacts, WOW (APPLAUSE) What an outstanding job of handling the relentless pileups, along with braving the elements and high seas. Bravo! Godspeed going home. Thanks again! 73

  6. Очень интересная экспедиция , внимательно следил за вашей работой . К сожалению почему то нет моей связи с вами на 80- метрах за 10 февраля . Жаль !!! С уважением к вам R3GB .

  7. Knew the operation wud nw be over(Thurs-13th) as was in Vermont last 2 days of operation,thereby losing my last chance fer a 40/30 Mtr Qso..Oh well,hv u on both modes on couple other bands anyway..Vy gud show tnx fer ur Fb operation..Safe passage home. Respectfully, 73, Greg Mitchell-W2MYA

  8. Great operation all the way guys! I was happy to work the team in the ARRL CW Contest on the way back from the DXpedition /MM. It just goes to show you that even after 2+ weeks of constant operation under tough condition, you get a little food in your belly and some sack time and you’re ready to hit it hard again. Good Job!!! Kudos and thanks to all.

  9. I was completely satisfied working the “Boys” on 20m (CW & SSB)!!! As long as your in the log ONCE that’s all that’s really important!

    NEXT “TROMELIN IS.” I hope!!!

  10. Many, many thanks for the FB DXpedition!!! Your QSL will be going up framed on the ‘shack’ wall!
    (Triton IV Digital and dipole @ 20 feet here; cannot BELIEVE you heard me!!!) 73 & TNX AGN!!!

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