FT5ZM Press Release #1 New Pics!

News From Amsterdam Island – FT5ZM – 0900 UTC Jan. 30, 2014

All of the FT5ZM team are safe and well. The Braveheart crew and food have been exceptional on this trip. We had three rough days at sea; otherwise sea conditions were quite benign. Our landing on Amsterdam went well.

Logistics on the island — moving gear, distances involved, and the terrain are all very difficult and consumed a lot of time and energy. For example, at the Antonellis site the grasses are chest-high and conceal holes and rocks. Terrain varies 30 ft in height in a 30 foot distance. All this makes antenna installation, placing radials, and running feed lines very difficult. The path between Mataf and Antonelli is NOT a straight line and IS a very LONG walk. But, we have completed all our installations without incident or injury.

The French staff on Amsterdam have been wonderful. Their help, encouragement, and interest is amazing.

We are struggling with noise on 12 and 30 meters and occasionally on 15. While we work to resolve this, we ask your patience if we have difficulty hearing you on these bands. After installing our 160 meter antenna, taking it down, and replacing it, first full night on 160 meters netted 500 QSO’s We are very happy about that.

Thank you for your good wishes and greetings on the air.

73, Ralph – K0IR

21 thoughts on “FT5ZM Press Release #1 New Pics!

  1. After 9 days aboard ship and then installing multiple towers/antennas/stations under extreme terrain conditions are remarkable feats and indicative of your professionalism, tenacity and dedication. I’ll put my money where my words are, in a contribution. Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for the two Qsos I had today,one on 10m, the other on 15m, both on SSB using a home made Quad Loop and equipment almost 40 years old !.

  3. I feel ashame when I listen to the bands today with all these QRM-makers. Honestly, I am so fed up listening to people tuning and screaming and playing music that I could hunt them down and use my baseball bat and trash their shacks. Trust me, I wouldn’t hesitate a second if I got the chance! If you – spineless and arrogant tuning idiots out there – could realize how much work that has been put down in preparing a DXped such as this one, you wouldn’t behave like dorks. Get a life, for Gods sake, or get drunk or get laid. I don’t care as long as you keep the frequencies
    clear. OK?

  4. Great signals guys and you made it a super DXpedition for all who needed Amsterdam Island!!!
    So to get to the gritty bit, it cost almost half a million dollars to get you there and hopefully back home but what about the QRM on your frequencies? OK everyone makes the odd mistake of calling with the wrong vfo but deliberate qrm is another thing even on “THE MAN’s band 20meters” on cw it was disgusting and on ssb the Sicilian Moron came up on top of you on 14185 telling everyone to get of his freqency of 14195 and the most blatant qrm I have ever heard …in fact enough for me to give up DXing after 60 years chasing Dx ..who is to blame, the DXCC, Radio Societies who gave the 2 metre men access to HF or the governments who grabbed more money from Kellog’s Corn Flake packet licences and NO CW needed..whoever it is to blame lets get this nonsense sorted out for good and let our young hams enjoy the days of Gus Browning , Danny Weile and the Colvins again and as one spot on the DX summit said “Send for Adolf to sort it out!!” if non of the societes take action to stop this nonsense.

  5. The pile up is very very hard to penetrate with only 100w and a low dipole…. especially those frequency cops and those who never listen… and although I could understand that the window to NA is short but it is also the time when I can hear FT5ZM very well but then I have to stand by :(

  6. Surpisingly good signals here. #336 on cw and 5 bands. 3 of them were worked barefoot (with tribander and wires at 35ft/10m, for those interested) Don’t get discouraged. Can’t wait to see the presentation at Charlotte Hamfest. Keep cranking, guys.

    HEY EVERYBODY – MAKE A DONATION. It doesn’t have to be much, but DO IT!

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