First images of the FT5ZM operating sites

Credit: TAAF

38 thoughts on “First images of the FT5ZM operating sites

  1. A great operation as a little pistol station I appreciated pulling me out of the deliberate QRM many thanks for an all time new one, waited 25 years for it. 73 Glyn GW0ANA

    • Way to go Wes. Thought you would be in there…. Worked here at 1am on 40 SSB and again next day on 12m CW. I have nothing to say about the good manners of the waiting Hordes !

  2. I’m trying to help my hubby bag a contact. All he seems to be finding is cw. any phone frequencies? We don’t have internet at home-I’m at work now. If anyone has any info I can pass on I’d surely appreciate it!! (We are both financial contributors to this dxpedition and would love to make a contact)!!!

  3. FT5ZM is a disgrace to ham radio! 15-25Kc wide pileups are UNACCEPTABLE! The operators of FT5ZM need to be confining themselves to NO MORE than 10Kc for phone and 5Kc on CW. And the operators that are calling split disregarding anyone who was operating on those frequencies is also UNACCEPTABLE! I’m tired of having my QSO overtaken by an ever growing/out of control pileup! FT5ZM has a responsibility to maintain their pileups! #arrl #hamradio

  4. Awesome job guys! What a lifetime experience for you and us!! Congratulations. Massive pile ups. Nothing but noise. Yes – out of control at times – but that’s life. I’ll take this over a no interest dying hobby. Huge walls! The piles will pull in soon.

    I got my 2 modes in on 20m and waiting for the rest to mellow out. I can’t even work in on 40 yet and the signal is solid. You guys are like camping with a couch, frig and TV going! Did you bring King beds too!

    Lucky to be in ham with the latest DX last couple of months + ARRL 100, IOTA 50…. and we got 50 States going.


  5. May be all the whiners and criers would like to contribute some money instead of tears. Sad to hear all the QRM’rs and LIDS/UPUPers – good gawd this isn’t ham radio.
    But to the crew – job well done – keep up the great work! To live a dream – you have done it!

    • I heard your QSO and worked him right after you (maybe one QSO between us) at 0435. He sounded real to me, but I was surprised at the very light pileup. I didn’t see anybody on the DXSummit spots suggesting he was a pirate. Where did you get that info? Sure would love to have a QSO, and with my garage-attic dipole, it’ll be tough going in any kind of a pileup. So here’s hoping your info is false.

  6. We thank you for your efforts. However, these days, for a major expedition not to have an online log up by now (Jan 29, 1200z) is unacceptable. It is creating a lot of frustration and creating additional QRM as larger stations will dupe you until they see themselves in the log. Suggest you (and future DXpeditions) should have contacted I2YSB to show you how to not only put up an online log, but one that works in near real time (You can see your QSO in the log within minutes). Having said all that, I wish you continued success and a safe trip home.

  7. I am holding off on a 20 meter CW insurance contact awaiting Club Log. That may help temper some of the pileups and those making insurance contacts. All and all….. SUPER JOB GUYS….. wow!!!!

  8. When I look at the operating site images, I can only imagine all of the work that must have gone into erecting the antennas and hauling of coax, amplifiers, radios, computers, generators and fuel to the operating sites. Incredible planning and effort to put on this dx-pedition! My thanks and best wishes for the remainder of your trip.

    BTW, by following the propagation chart that I generated on your website for my QTH, I have not only been able to hear you, I have been able to hear you well! Considering that you are literally almost half way around the world from my QTH, you guys have been LOUD!

    Thanks again! Great Dx-pedition!


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