First images from FT5ZM Team

Thanks to the TAAF staff at Amsterdam Island we publish very first images from the FT5ZM Team.

Credit: TAAF –

9 thoughts on “First images from FT5ZM Team

  1. Pics are great, but a LOG would satisfy a lot of people …….. with all the garbage on the bands yesterday and last nite, I am sure that I am not the only one with a QSO they would like to REALLY know if good,or not. You could cut the size of the pileups if people knew they were in the log and only wanted one QSO, instead of being a hog ham.

  2. Ralph–Don’t come home yet.Windchill this AM–was minus 40 !!Good luck–be careful.Will look for you all towards the end of your stay.

  3. QRM is bad over the top of you folks – not a lot of gentlemenship happening. Looking at DxWatch is shameful crying! But the best thing is you folks got your dream DX Island Expedition! Good luck and stay safe!

  4. Finalmente ho collegato questa famosa spedizione in 12 mt.
    E’ un peccato che non abbiano ancora attivato il LOG, sarebbe più soddisfacente essere sicuri del collegamento.
    Complimenti a tutto lo staff.
    73 de I1YHU Gianni

  5. Great work guys, the Antenna farm is incredible!
    The Lack of Logs is the only thing that is killing this dxpedition.
    Even I am tempted to start calling again because I fear my 3 contacts may have been busted or
    been made to pirates.

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