We are happy to announce it’s possible to track the FT5ZM Team as our journey to and from Amsterdam Island continues. Our current position is being marked on a satellite map live! Visit “The DXpedition” page to view the map and follow us.




Zoom in/out and pan the map to see exact locations of the team. Note the map displays approximate locations of the team. Current spots are being marked depending on satellite coverage available.



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Since the early planning days of this DXpedition, we have been accumulating and storing equipment at our staging site in Atlanta, Georgia. On October 15 our packing and organizing was completed, equipment was placed on pallets, loaded into our sea container, and began its journey to New Zealand where it will be loaded aboard our ship. The photos below tell the story.




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Tentative Schedule for FT5ZM

The MV Braveheart will arrive in the port of Fremantle, Australia on January 12, 2014 and be available for the team to board.  Fuel and supplies will be taken aboard and port documentation procedures completed.  The vessel will sail for Amsterdam Island on January 15, 2014.  The sailing time to Amsterdam Island will be 9 days, with an estimated arrival date of January 24.

Landing operations will commence as soon as the sea conditions and weather allow.  Once the team is ashore, they will have 18 days to set up, conduct the DXpedition, and tear down for departure.

The return sail to Fremantle is also estimated at 9 days.  The team anticipates being back in Fremantle by February 23, 2014.



Categories: General news, Schedules

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