An avalanche of emails

The FT5ZM DXpedition hits the air and is well audible across the bands with good signals around the globe. Meanwhile, and no wonder, the off-island team members start to receive a real avalanche of emails they cannot reply to. Most of them regard busted, incorrectly logged calls. Other emails regard split suggestions or “I worked you! TNX!” sent to… our webmaster Stan SQ8X. This is why we must repeat once again a very clear message – thanks for understanding and your kind cooperation with on-island team members!


IMPORTANT NOTICE! The FT5ZM Team will not be able to receive your emails during the DXpedition. The only channel to pass your remarks and suggestions to the Team is to contact one of our Pilot Operators assigned to your area. Reports of incorrect or missing calls in the log will be ignored during the DXpedition.
Please DO NOT contact the Pilot Station about a busted call or if your call is missing from the online log. Keep a record of your QSO details and contact the QSL manager after the DXpedition. Alternately, work FT5ZM again.

Find all contacts to our Pilots assigned to your area at

Good luck with working FT5ZM!

8 thoughts on “An avalanche of emails

  1. We realy need the online log. There are many pirates so we would like to know if we have worked the right one. Also to avoid calling again and make qrm for others that still need a first contact.

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