UPDATE from team member, Jerry WB9Z @ 16:25z or 21:25 pm FT5ZM local time.

Still a long way from getting on air. The terrain is very rough for walking and putting up antennas. We’re talking up to 2 feet of dead grass on top of lava rock. This is one of the (if not the) roughest Dxpeditions ever been on. The entire team is exhausted after a very long day. All generators are in place, but there is still so much to be done

They anticipate not being on the air until at least 0700z tomorrow January 26th.



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It only took 50 trips to the island, but pretty much everything is ashore. The 1st tower is up with a 12 meter yagi. So they will probably make their first QSO on 12. The team is currently enjoying a well earned dinner right now at 14:30z.

The rumors that someone died are obviously FALSE. Any official announcements to the cluster will be with a valid call sign.

Valerie, NV9L



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FT5ZM arrived at Amsterdam-isl

Great news coming thanks to our pilot Valerie,  NV9L:

The team arrived at Amsterdam Island safely. They are waiting offshore for the island general to come aboard and do an inspection at their 0800 (about 2 hours from now). Once this is done, they can begin to painstakingly unload all the cargo onto the Zodiac and on to the island.





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