VK6’s offer support to FT5ZM

A group of hams in Western Australia is offering their support to the Amsterdam Island DXpedition team. Members of the North Corridor Radio Group and VK6APK have volunteered to aid the FT5ZM team in obtaining light weight tower sections, ground rods, electrical components, and some medical supplies. When the MV Braveheart arrives in Fremantle, Australia to board the DXpedition team on February 12, the VK6’s will have the cargo ready to go aboard.

This will save the DXpedition team the work and expense of shipping large, bulky pieces of equipment across the Pacific. The NCRG group has also invited the Amsterdam team to visit the Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Center and, time permitting, enjoy a BBQ.

Our thanks to the core group of VK6APK, VK6EH, VK6IR, and VK6RK. The international comradeship of DX’ers is alive and well in Australia!



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