100K QSOs achieved

With seven days remaining, Team FT5ZM has reached 100,000 QSOs.



42 thoughts on “100K QSOs achieved

  1. Congratulations on 100K contacts! You still have time to make 75K more, hihi. Still need you guys on 12 and 80m for at least one QSO on each band. Stay safe, ENJOY the pileups and safe travels home. FB DXpedition!

  2. Not to take away from previous dx’peditions, these guys are setting a new standard and will easily set a new record for total qso’s. They’re doing an outstanding job! 73 de Roy WA4DOU

    • Not so my friend, look at the actual statistics and you will see the breakdown of QSO’s and Percentage on each Continent. Europe has a 47% of all the QSO’s. So please be patient when the call for other Continents.

      Total QSOs
      1049 %0.9

      14 0.0

      26085 %23.1

      53984 %47.8

      North America
      28602 %25.3

      2002 %1.8

      South America
      1304 %1.2

      113040 100.0

    • As of today, EU= 59,141 and NA= 31,484. EU closing on 2:1 lead over NA per the stats.

      Congrats to the Team for a great job!!


  3. Tnx guys for letting me make a contact with your DXpedition this eve. on 17 Mtrs. Wow, good , clear signal and a great oper. on the other end from the island. Fantastic job fellas !!! I tried for 4 days to contact you . You made my day and one to remember for the new year of 2014…. Didn’t believe 17 mtrs. was open att, but sure fooled me. Super job over there…..for all hams worldwide…….
    Ken Watson/

  4. Happy about my second QSO after 10m now 15m!
    Hope i have another one one 20m with 100W and 2elem. Tribander.

    Good luck to the FT5ZM team 73′

    Alex, DC5GA

  5. I almost gave up. Made cw contact at 0202 zulu on 2-7-14. 20 meter was solid signal from ft5zm. Thank u for the new one. Great operators! Safe trip home. Jerry page w7kpl Scottsdale, Arizona

  6. What an outstanding effort!
    Around 10,000 QSO/day, despite the best (worst?) efforts of the jammers, LIDs and morons.
    Will be happy to donate again when OQRS activated.
    Good luck to those who still need.

  7. I am BEGGING the 10m operator to turn the beam to VK/ZL. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?
    We are on the side of the beam and we can’t work you when antenna is constantly pointed to Europe.
    I’ve been patient for a week but now that you’ve worked over 16,000 EU on 10m and just 300 form Oceania,
    the time has come to swing the beam at least for a few minutes in our direction. By the way, out of those 300 OC, most are the easy VK6/YB and DU, not East Coast of VK or New Zealand. I’ve been trying to break the pile for days, and not once 10m CW op asked for a specific direction. This is not a sign of excellence, sorry. Any 20m net control would do a better job.

  8. Guys, as with any DXpedition, there’s always going to be unhappy campers. “You didn’t let me work you on Tuesday after 1900Z while wearing a red shirt and my left foot 6 inches off the ground”….bla bla bla, ad nauseum. I must confess the lid operators and the intentional jammers have raised QRM to a new level. I fear it does not bode well for the future of ham radio, but ham radio is a microcosm of society at large and I think this is the kind of people inhabiting the planet now. If they don’t have the equipment or the expertise to get in your log, they want to try to ruin it for everyone else.
    My own personal view is that you guys have put yourself through a lot to get there, you’ll put yourself through a lot again getting back off that island, and you’ve made a very FB showing while there. I heartily congratulate each and every one of you for what you went through and what you have done.
    73, Gene

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