Amsterdam Island Ham Radio Expedition – January 2014


Welcome! It’s our pleasure to announce a major ham radio expedition to one of the more remote places on Earth, Amsterdam Island in the southern Indian Ocean. This “DXpedition” is made possible by the generous financial support of the amateur radio community and the world-wide audience following our progress and by the cooperation and support of the French government.

Whether you are an amateur radio operator hoping to contact a new country or a casual visitor, we welcome you to our website. We invite you to follow our progress in planning our trip to Amsterdam Island and the voyage itself. After we land on Amsterdam Island, we hope to share our adventures with you in as near “real time” as possible. The content of our website will be constantly updated, so check back frequently.

Amsterdam Island is unique in its history, ecology, and strategic location. We’ll be discussing all those things right here. So, share our plans, our dreams, and our setbacks. Feel our adrenalin rush as we leave the pier in Fremantle, Australia in January. Experience the wind in our faces as we sail and share our excitement as we step ashore on Amsterdam Island and begin handing out radio contacts.

Follow our news and planned ventures via our website, Facebook Fanpage and RSS and Twitter feed.

Welcome!                Ralph Fedor – KØIR



Latest news:


With almost 165,000 QSOs, FT5ZM is now QRT. They went QRT a little earlier th

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Antonelli camp operations finishing soon

UPDATE – As the team reached 160,000 QSOs, Ralph, K0IR reported to Chief Pilot,

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